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The Ageing@Coimbra Consortium invites the living forces of the Centro Region of Portugal to collaborate towards a European Reference Region for Active and Healthy Ageing.

Main objectives of the Consortium:

Identify the best practices in progress or to be developed in the region of Coimbra and the Centro Region of Portugal; Identify partners to contribute to the growth of Ageing@Coimbra Consortium; Create partnerships to enhance the application of Coimbra Region and the Centro Region of Portugal as a European Region Referral for Active and Healthy Ageing.

How to become a Member of the Consortium:

To become a partner of Ageing@Coimbra consortium, you must fill out the form below. The application will be reviewed by the Coordination Group of Ageing@Coimbra Consortium and the decision about the admission of new Associate Members will be opportunely communicated.

Ageing@Coimbra Concepts and Values
Interinstitutional Memorandum of Understanding