Cluster for human kinetics and mobility in senior people (GP2)

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The good practice and the supporting methods/services were built on the basis of a close interaction of research groups with health care professionals and entrepreneurs. The triangle of innovation in health sector, especially on ageing and age-related chronic diseases is a differentiation factor of the innovation ecosystem in the region of Coimbra. The chain value from University and Research laboratories to business incubators and health care/user allows the solid validation of concepts and implementation of good practices with high scientific/technological standards.

Change management in kinetics disorders, rheumatic diseases, osteoporosis and falls prevention was achieved by a profound interdisciplinary culture and close interaction of institutions, in a bottom-up perspective. As a resource of advanced education and training/awareness of professionals (health and social care), the University of Coimbra uses its web TV/radio and remote teaching resources to offer educational courses/materials to citizens and professionals. The network of collaborators within Science Centers and Institute of Citizenship allows cross-society communication channels, approaching health and social care providers/researchers with the society. 

Funds supporting the good practices on"Cluster for human kinetics and mobility in senior people" (GP2) come mainly from: 1-Revenues from technologies/services; 2-Competitive scientific/technological projects from Regional, National and European sources (eg. FP 7 project DoHealth).