Innovation model for ICT technological transfer in health and wellbeing (GP3)

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To support the innovation e-health ecosystem of Coimbra with the highest standards at European level – 1) To create innovative products; 2) To stimulate the economy based on ICT and e-health technology; 3) To create new companies and highly-qualified jobs.

Our results:

The product VITAHISCARE from HIS is a great example of a solution for electronic medical prescription. This care system is available to more than 850 healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, etc), recording more than 5 million of people. Being certified by ACSS (Central Administration of Health System), the user’s system is allowed to the access to healthcare providers in a simple and safe approach.

- competitiveness, market growth, employment

An example is the IPN-incubator which gained, in 2010, the “Best Science-Based Incubator 2010” award. This distinction highlighted its self-sustained business model and also its business volume superior to 75 million Euro. Being a founder member of, Ageing@Coimbra project, the IPN-incubator profile indicates 141 companies with an export capacity greater than 35%, employing directly more than 1500 qualified people.

The innovation model for ICT technological transfer in health and wellbeing provide added value to the products and services that ship into the market. The engagement of the healthcare services providers and the other stakeholders in the ecosystem benefit from three main aspects:

(1) Healthcare services providers benefit of products more focused on real needs; (2) End user has access to innovative services; (3) The products gain more trade value.