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The ESEnfC is a result from the merger of the Nursing School Dr. Ângelo da Fonseca (established in 1881) and the Nursing School Bissaya Barreto (established in 1971).

The Nursing School of Coimbra, heir to the most ancient nursing training in Portugal, is a nationally and internationally recognised public institution due to its quality and innovation, with a recognised intervention in the health system and in the society. Its educative community is committed with the humanist, scientific, technical and cultural training of socially recognised professionals, the promotion of accredited research, the dissemination of knowledge and the provision of services.
The ESEnfC hosts the Health Sciences Research Unit: Nursing (UICISA: E) [HESC-Center-Coimbra-742]. This research unit is evaluated and funded by the Foundation for Science and Technology since 2004. The field of UICISA: E is nursing and allied health sciences. Its mission is to develop R&D activities at an interdisciplinary and international level to provide a sustainable and socially responsible response to complex problems related to health promotion, disease prevention, and care delivery to sick, disabled, or end-of-life patients.

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General and Specialized Nurses Training; Synthesis and Implementation of Science; Community Extension Services; Innovation and Transfer; Production, Edition and Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge